Offshore structures term usually includes subsea structures; in addition to, platforms (steel bottom founded as fixed steel platform or column supported structures as semi-submersibles, and mooring buoys platforms).

Subsea structures are seafloor structure which could be a subsea arrangement which transport and control the fluids from subsea wells, combine several flows into one, and reroute the flow to a processing facility on the platform which may includes: piping, valves, controls, pumps, terminals as (satellite wells, subsea manifolds, subsea distribution assemblies, dynamic riser bases, pipeline end manifold PLEM, pipeline end terminal PLET).

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Subsea Structures


Subsea structures could also be protective structures (steel/concrete type) for pipelines or other subsea arrangement against dropped objects from the sea surface or fishing trawl gears or to be a stabilization structure against buoyancy for pipelines