Offshore installation of pipelines and structures is performed using vessels, where there are many offshore installation vessels available worldwide as (survey vessel to survey seabed, pipe or reel laying vessel to lay pipelines, diver support vessel DSV to support diving activities in lay and tie in additional subsea infrastructure such as manifolds and spools, vessel for rock dumping and additional supply vessels for goods supply)


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Divers are used in offshore installation when human access to subsea facilities is possible and safe; however, at some water depths of over 200m it becomes impossible to use the human option and the robot option of Remotely Operated Vehicles, ROVs, are used along with other remotely operated tooling.

The pipeline installation methods are (S-Lay, J-Lay, Towing, and Reel-Lay); the most widely used installation method is the S-Lay in which pipeline installation vessel weld pipe joints on the deck and lower the pipes by releasing the pipeline while moving the vessel.