KW is a privately owned company, which is managed on a day-to-day basis by three Directors, who are also part of the engineering staff. We have three office locations, two in the UK, at Fetcham, Surrey (KW headquarters) and Aberdeen, and an office in Cairo, Egypt.


Over half of KW engineers have more than 10 years’ relevant experience, with a third of our engineering workforce having over 15 years’ relevant experience. Furthermore, a quarter of our engineers are UK chartered engineers

Our Design Projects (pipelines and/or structures) are managed by dedicated Project Managers, who will normally be at a Principal Engineer level (i.e. with minimum 10 years’ relevant experience) and will also have a minimum three years’ project management experience.
Our Consulting Projects are smaller in size and run using smaller teams (one to three engineers) and are generally managed by the individual senior specialist engineer and, depending on the complexity, this could either be the Consultant or the Technical Specialist.



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