To put this into perspective, mountain biking to me is Holmbury Hill, and at that, I’m more of a ‘twig trail’ rider, than a Barry’s fan… But it was decided; in 4 months time we were going to throw our bikes and ourselves off what would in my mind be pretty much be a cliff of proportions I’d never considered before.

The lead up to the trip was filled with a combination of both excitement and nerves.  What kit do I need, what do I need to sort out: is it worth putting new pads in now, should I change the brake fluid again, should I give the fork lowers a once over, or am I going to bugger something up before we’ve even cross the channel?  Are shin pads, knee pads and elbow pads enough? Do I need more jerseys, what about new gloves, or are they going to rub?

During the last month I’ve spent close to £400 on stuff.  Out of all that new stuff I only packed a new chain, full face lid (& goggles), and a couple of jersey’s to take with me.  The rest is going to be heading back to the shops.

That said, As we are driving, I took everything that could possibly come in handy, from chain lube, an airshot, and even spare shoes.